Mobile Websites

As mobile devices take over from computers as the main way people go online, it’s vital that your website adapts to that.

71% of the UK population now own smartphones (source: ComScore), with the majority using them to make local searches. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile, then potential customers will find it hard to get your business information, and look elsewhere.

The main advantages of a mobile optimised website:

  • It fits a small screen – no frustrating scrolling or zooming is necessary.
  • Gives easy access to the most important business information, such as your address and opening hours.
  • Loads quickly on a phone.
  • Click to Call buttons allow customers to phone you direct from the site, with just one tap.
  • Visitors can still view your regular site if they wish.

To go mobile, there’s no need to change your existing website if you don’t want to. A separate mobile site can be set up, with smartphone visitors being automatically redirected to it instead of the main site.

Alternatively, you can change your website to a responsive one, which means it will adapt to whatever size screen it’s being viewed on.

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