Here’s a clever use of a targeted FB ad that was showing in my newsfeed tonight:

Facebook - 2013-10-14_17.04.45

It’s clever because not only because of its targeting – to Laurencekirk residents only, at least those of driving age – but because it uses techniques known to increase click-throughs. Notice the bright border to catch the eye, and the sparse text that can be read in an instant.

A face on an ad makes it more appealing, and a bit of skin works too, providing it’s not provocative (although if it was, your ad wouldn’t likely be approved). The capitalised words in the heading make it easy to see the main point of the ad – Cheap Car Insurance.

Of course, when running a campaign of your own, it’s not necessary to target a whole town! You can make it much more targeted – to smaller groups or even individuals. Powerful stuff.