It can be tempting, when deciding on a new website for your business, to go for something fancy with a wow factor. But is that what your site visitors want?

Actually, no. Thankfully, the websites that make you wait to enter while a clever graphic scrolls across the screen are dying off. And rightly so. They may have shown off a designer’s skills, but they did nothing for the potential customer.

When someone visits your site, it’s for one purpose – to get information about your business, product or service. That in turn leads to a decision by the visitor on whether they want to do business with you. It’s vital that they’re able to get the information easily and quickly. If they can’t, they’ll go elsewhere.

So make sure you have a clean, uncluttered site, with clear navigation and defined areas that the visitor can access easily.

Remember, it’s not about wow, it’s about making it easy for your site visitors to become customers.

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