Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and their needs, advertising your business along the way. Being aware of both good and bad ways to use Twitter can help increase awareness of your company and add to your customer base. Here are some tips:

1. Respond to your followers as much as possible.
Think of this as providing great customer service. A willingness to interact puts you and your business in a favourable light and shows a personal touch.  It allows your customers to know you’re paying attention to them. It’s an excellent way too of discovering customer concerns, and prove you’re willing to listen and respond to those concerns.

2. Quality is better than quantity.
Take the time to proofread your tweets before they’re sent, to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, as these can reflect badly on your business.  Also, consider when your target audience is most likely to read your tweets, and post them accordingly.

3. Don’t just post about your company.
Although the main reason for your business being on Twitter is to advertise it, post too much about yourselves, or make every tweet a sales pitch, and you’ll lose followers. So add in plenty of other content as well.

4. Do catchy headlines.
As few as 20% of people read past headlines, so they need to be interesting enough to grab attention and make people want to read more. It’s worth experimenting with different headlines to see which get the best response.

5. Be positive and professional
If you have staff members doing the tweets, make sure no negativity about the company creeps in. Opinionated or controversial tweets can lose you followers. Being positive when tweeting conveys professionalism and gives a good impression of your company.